hanks to their functionality External roller blinds constitute the integral part of modern construction technologies. They are an ideal protection against the sun, wind, rain, snow and other atmospheric conditions and in a significant manner improve thermal isolation of the building offering measurable benefits in the winter and summer time.

The application of external roller blinds also significantly improves acoustic isolation, significantly lowering the level of noise experienced within the interior. They increase the level of privacy and considerably improve the feeling of safety.



CleverBox is a product designed with the application of innovative technical and technological solutions. The aforementioned system has been created with the thought of the needs of architects, manufacturers and above all final end users. In accordance with the idea of the universality of the system, each element possess the multitude of applications. Such a solution enables for the easy configuration of the proper roller blind option, thus considering the demanded technical parameters, functionality as well as the finishing aesthetics.



  • three available roller blind box height values: 165mm, 205mm, 245mm
  • three available roller blind box depth values: 175mm, 215mm, 255mm
  • the roller blond may be equipped with a mosquito net
  • universal adaptation profile allows for the assembly of the roller blond almost upon every available window type (PVC, aluminium, wooden)
  • revision cover available from the bottom or the back of the roller blind
  • chamber like structure of the roller blind box elements ensures increased thermal insulation
  • solid structure even in the case of significant window dimensions
  • The possibility for the application of electricity as well as manual drives
  • The possibility for the application of min as well as maxi armour plating
  • The manufacturing of the elements is based upon environment friendly leadless stabilisers