rds_fotoThanks to the application of innovative connection of natural wood with polymer, we have been able to create the high quality composite, which merges he best characteristics of both materials.

The combination of natural wood with modern polymer technology allows for terraces and balconies to receive the new, exclusive looks for years to come.

Royal Deck System is the combination of the highest quality of finishing, aesthetics as well as the guarantee of multi-year exploitation without any need of modernisation of any surfaces.

Royal Deck System products are meant for all who value the combination of functionality, aesthetics and the highest level of safety.

Thanks to their excellent properties, Royal Deck System boards are applied as the finishing layer of balconies, terraces or piers.

They are also successfully applied in the role of swimming pool rims or elements of wall elevation and garden architecture.



  • resistant to the influence of UV rays, thanks to which the board does not lose, colour, does not fade and is not subject to any discolouring under the influence of sunrays
  • durability and resistance to atmospheric conditions
  • significant resistance to wearing and cracking makes the application of the composite board possible within public utility locations, in squares, near swimming pools etc.
  • complete resistance to microbiological corrosion



  • the most durable system of surface coating
  • does not require any maintenance (impregnation)
  • maintains its form and does not crack
  • ecological, subject to 100% utilisation
  • does not absorb water

  • contains anti-skid surface
  • simple assembly
  • resistant to the operation and influence of insects
  • long warranty period