Cookie Policy

For Royal Europa the privacy of all of the individuals visiting the website constitutes an absolute priority. With utmost care and diligence we take care of the safety of data of those who visit our website through the application of adequate technological solutions which prevent any third party intervention into our visitor privacy. All of our activities are compliant with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act as well as with the General Personal Data Inspector Guidelines (GIODO). We provide the guarantee that in accordance with the obligatory provisions of the law, all of the data gathered by us shall not be distributed or made available without the prior consent of all of the interested individuals.

Taking advantage of the website of equals to the expressing of the approval of the below stipulated conditions:

  • all of the general information gathered in the form of website visitor’s statistics as well as all of the other information (traces) which do not allow for the direct identification (name and surname) of users are gathered solely in order to improve the quality as well as website functionality,
  • Royal Europa ensures all of its users the right to choose the scope of usage of the website as well as making available of all of the gathered information,
  • to the vast extent, the website does not require for the submission of any information (personal data) , nevertheless there are certain functionalities present within the website, the application and taking advantage of which is dependant upon the fact of leaving of information about the given person, such as: submit your CV, add your email address to our Newsletter database, order materials in paper form about the company. Taking advantage of the aforementioned functionalities is a free of will decision of the user,
  • all of the personal data are gathered, stored as well as processed in accordance with the scope of the permission which has been granted by the User in accordance with the provisions on the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29th August 1997 (Journal of Acts dated 2002, Number 101, item 926 with later amendments.)

Your internet browser may store information with the application of text file mechanism, the so-called „cookies”. The aforementioned, „cookies” type of files allow for the gathering of information indispensable in the process of website functionality, especially within the locations which require proper authorisation. All of the „cookies” files are read in the process of further access to the website, thus enabling:

  • better adjustment of the website to the needs of the given user,
  • creation and establishment of visiting statistics as well as paths of user travelling through the website,
  • content presentation (advertisements, product offer) in the form and content respective to given user interests,
  • „Cookie” files do not enable any identification of the given user. No personal data are neither gathered nor stored with the application nor mediation of „cookie” files.

Remember that there exists a possibility to configure Your website in such manner so that to make any storing or gathering of information upon your hard drive impossible, the fact that may result in the improper functioning of the website or lack of access to certain functionalities of the website.

All of the content presented within the website of are of solely information type of character and they do not constitute a trade offer in the understanding of the provisions of the Civil Code as well as the Trade Law, they also do not have to mirror current warehouse status of the company.
Royal Europa does not bear any responsibility for any divergences within colour patterns viewed via the website as well as within information materials and the real colour of the offered assortment.